Program Schedule

Public Services: 

News/Weather top of every hour

News bottom of every hour

Obituaries at 9:45AM and 3:45PM

Community Calendar at 5:15PM


Broadcast Schedule:

7:00 am (M-F) - The Family Altar Program
Lester Roloff

7:30 am (Su-Sa) - Morning Manna
Danny Edwards

8:30 am (M-F) - The Beacon of Truth Broadcast
Dan Hummel

9:00 am (Su-Sa) - The Gospel Hour
Oliver B. Greene

10:05 am (M-Sa) - The Bright Spot Hour
Ben Carper

10:30 am (M-Sa) - Revive Us Again
Danny Edwards

11:00 am (M-F) - The Open Bible Hour
Jerry Honeycutt

11:30 am (M-F) - Harvest Time Broadcast
Stinnett Ballew

12:30 pm (M-F) - Bible Baptist Broadcast
Tommy Turner

1:00 pm (M-F) - Gospel Pulpit
Ricky Cothren

2:00 pm (Su-Sa) - The Pulpit Hour

3:15 pm (M-F) - Sounds from Sinai
Rudy Smith

4:00 pm (Su-Sa) - The Gospel Hour
Oliver B. Greene

4:50 pm (M-F) - Truth for Daily Living
Tom Walker

5:00 pm (M-F) - Lighthouse Christian School Program
Jimmy Burt

5:30 pm (Su-Sa) - The Radio Bible Hour
J. Harold Smith

5:45 pm (M-Sa) - Revive Us Again
Danny Edwards

6:00 pm (M-Sa) - The Pulpit Hour

7:00 pm (M-F) - The Family Altar Program
Lester Roloff


Weekend Only

8:00 am (Sat) - The Children's Gospel Hour
Billy & Nancy Mason

9:30 am (Sat) - Gospel of Love Broadcast
Jack Roberts

11:00 am (Sat) - Triumphant Truth
Justin Atchison

12:30 pm (Sat) - Teaching Timeless Truths
Roger Walton

1:30 pm (Sat) - Gospel Pulpit Broadcast
Ricky Cothren

7:30 am (Sun) - The Gospel Trumpet Broadcast
Derek Farmer

8:00 am (Sun) - Victory in Jesus Broadcast
Dennis Eller

8:30 am (Sun) - Hedges & Highways Broadcast
Robert Jones

10:00 am (Sun) - The Blessed Old Book Sun School Hour
Joshua Edwards

11:00 am (Sun) - Words of Power
Danny Edwards

5:00 pm (Sun) - Hold Forth the Word
Keith Terhune

6:00 pm (Sun) - Words of Power
Danny Edwards